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New - Cora Hester Walters Wardlaw Ancestry

I have written a book about the ancestors of my grandmother, Cora Hester Walters Wardlaw. It is 146 pages with color photos, documentation, maps, charts, genealogy info, wills, ships, etc. Most of our ancestors came from Germany. This is a list of the related names in these lines:
Walter/Walters, Harclerode/Harcleroad, Musselman, Stiffler, Diehl, Ritchey, Imler, Heltzel, Knipple/Knibel, Long/Large, Smouse/Schmaus, Foltz, Grimm, Schopf, Kaufmann, Schaber, Mohr, Bucher/Bocher, Boyer, Richardson, Matthies, Reinhard, Lohringer, Barbara/Barbary

This is a result of years of research and my latest trip to Bedford, PA to go to all these places and take pictures for the book. This book is not available now.

I have written several books on the history of the Wardlaws, both in America and Scotland. Some of these books are not available now.



This book is newly discovered Wardlaw places, documentation, and additional information found since the first two books. Printing and paper costs have gone up so much that this book as well as these others is not available now.

"Ancestral Earth - Part Three
Scotland - Our Heritage"


by Diane Wardlaw - 808 pgs.

This book is the third in the series on the History of the Wardlaws in Scotland. These three volumes are the most comprehensive collection of everything Wardlaw. There are documents, charts, and pictures I've taken on my 11 trips to Scotland, going to the Wardlaw places, mansions and castles.

8-1/2"x11". There are 808 pages, 279 pages in color. The book is perfect-bound and has a vinyl cover. Not available at this time.

"Ancestral Earth - Part Two
Scotland our Homeland"

by Diane Wardlaw - 372 pgs.

All full-color photographs of the Wardlaw places in Scotland as taken by me on my five trips there. It is printed on acid-free, archival grade #70 beautiful matte-coated paper. 8-1/2"x11". 372 pages. There are color pictures on almost every page. Lots of new information, maps and documentation. Published April 2004.

A perfect guide book if you are planning a trip to Scotland, where to go to see Wardlaw places!

Cost for this book is $75, which includes mailing in the U.S., add $24 for mailing out of the U.S. For members of the Clan Wardlaw Association the book is on sale for $60. See our Application Page to join. $35 for a Lifetime Membership.

"Ancestral Earth - Scotland's Wardlaw History"

by Diane Wardlaw - 623 pgs

The history of the Wardlaws in Scotland from the 1800's back to the 1200's where we find the first recorded birth date of 1293. This book is based partially on "The Wardlaws in Scotland" by John C. Gibson (see below) but there is much much more info, documents, maps, photos and research added to it! We go back from 1293 on the King lines of Scotland and Ireland. There are charts, maps, pictures and documentation. I have made five trips to Scotland gathering information and doing research. I went to all the Wardlaw places where they lived in Scotland and took pictures.

This book is not available now.

"Wardlaw Chronicle"

by Diane Wardlaw - 783 pgs.

The history of the America Wardlaws and Wardlows and related lines, it is fully indexed. It is based on the book "Genealogy of the Wardlaw Family" by Joseph G. Wardlaw, written in 1929, and has that book reproduced in it in reduced form. Almost any Wardlaw or Wardlow in America can trace their line back using this book. There is alot of information about them early in Virginia, South Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, etc. I have now finished this book which includes all the new information I found on my three research trips I took back to Staunton, Virginia area 1995, 1996 and 1997. I found the actual Wardlaw lands in Borden's Grant, the churches where they went, graves, etc. Lots of wonderful pictures and documentation. Also included are many lines continuing on down. I have included as many lines as I could to help future generations find their connections, and to continue the work that Joseph G. Wardlaw started back in 1929. This book now has a complete index of everyone in the book and on all the charts. The section in it of "Genealogy of the Wardlaw Family" is also included in the index.

This book is not available at this time.

"The Wardlaws in Scotland"

by John C. Gibson 1912 (Reprints)
There were only 200 of these books printed and I have an original copy. I had it copied and reprinted and now have them for sale, too, same size and binding. These reprints are exactly as the original except for the cover and binding. I have added into this reprint the pages of Temple Records of the Wardlaws from 1293 compiled by George B. Wardlaw, and info taken from this book.

318 pages. 8-1/2"x11". Copies of old "Temple Records" pages are added at the end of the book by me. I also have a few copies that were printed without these extra pages and notes in them. Same price.

Cost for this book is $70, which includes mailing in the U.S., add $24 for mailing out of the U.S.

Please send check or money order for books you want to me at:
Diane Wardlaw

223 Lazy River Road, North Port, Florida 34287

You may also pay with PayPal (add $3) using my email address:
Please email me here if you have any questions.
Thank you.
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